Nikon D810 for wildlife photography

D810: Is it really a diva?

Two year after I sold my Canon and Hasselblad equipment I was looking for a new camera. With the amazing resolution and sharpness of my Phase One P45 digital back (39MP, 37x49mm) I was really happy. Therefore it would be hard to find another camera to fulfill my requirements. I almost bought the Pentax 645D with 40MP. But then I would had been not flexibel enough. Why not trying the Nikon D810? I read a lot about the camera in the internet. Pro: High dynamic range, high resolution, autofocus from pro-series camera. Contra: behaving like a diva because of the 36MP. Often D810 users complain blurry pictures at 100% view. The full resolution could not be used, they said.
On the other hand the 100% view is not the best way to control sharpness. When you print a 36MP picture at 150dpi you will get a poster with a size of 83x125cm. To be honest, you would never look at it, standing only half a meter in front of it? Finally, I bought the camera in January 2015 together with some prime lens. A few days later, I had the possibility to experience the handling and the performance of my new Nikon D810.
In my opinion, the Nikon D810 is not a diva. You have to work very properly, of course. Mirror up or even better shooting with live view and with cable shutter release is important if you want to get the best out of it. Too slow shutter time will result in blurry pictures at 100% view.
Here is one of my first pictures done with the D810 in combination with the 400mm prime and 2x tc.
nature-pictures_ 173
ISO 1600, 800mm, f10, 1/200s, timer and live view

nature-pictures_ 174
100% crop

Nikon D4, high iso and dynamic range

During gathering experience with my Nikon D810 and the 400mm tele lens, I was missing the bigger size, weight and the speed of a Canon 1D series camera. I don't like to use of any battery grips. Therefore I was looking for a second hand D4 or D4s. The fresh announced D5 would be perfect but is not yet available and too expensive for the moment.
I was happy to find a second hand D4 for 2200.- CHF in almost mint condition.
When I was shooting birds in Pontresina, I experienced exposure metering fluctuation. I learned that this is normal when shooting high speed and using spot metering because of the mechanical diaphragm lever. Due to this, some of my pictures were under exposed.
First I was a little disappointed, but then I realized, that this is not really an issue. I corrected it in my raw converter software and was surprised by the result.
Here are the pictures:
nature-pictures_ 176
Original exposure: ISO 800, 1/2500s, f/6.3 550mm

nature-pictures_ 177
Corrected picture: +2.0LV
nature-pictures_ 179
100% Crop, no color noise visible