about me

My name is Pascal Jaeggi and I was born 1977. I am a chemist and one of my biggest hobbies is nature and wildlife photography. With my first super tele lens, a Canon 400mm 1:2.8, I took the first picture of a kingfisher. That was in 2005. Since then, the kingfisher is my favorite bird and therefore my site logo. Mainly focused on birdwatching, I learned the bird's behavior to successfully improve the picture quality. I completed a course to become an ornithologist. Since 2014 I am guiding excursions and teaching ornithology.
During the past ten years, I used different equipment from Canon, Hasselblad and Phase one.

nature-pictures_ 120
First Canon equipment: EOS 1Ds (11MP, FF), 17-40mm 1:4, 70-200mm 1:2.8 IS, 100mm 1:2.8 macro, 400mm 1:2.8 non-IS, 1.4x and 2x teleconverter

nature-pictures_ 65
Second setup: Canon EOS 1D Mark III, 17-40mm 1:4, 70-200mm 1:2.8 IS, Sigma 150mm 1:2.8, 300mm 1:2.8 IS, 500mm 1:4 IS, 1.4x and 2x teleconverter

Currently used Nikon setup: D4, D810, 24mm 1:1.4, Sigma 35mm 1:1.4 Art, 50mm 1:1.8, 105mm 1:2.8 VR, 400mm 1:2.8 VR II, 1.4x and 2x teleconverter, Gitzo 3530LS with Manfrotto ball head 468MGRC3 and Novoflex Q-Mount

Everything in the Lowepro Trekker 450 AW backpack